poor horse to release “crookhollow and variations” March 25

poor horse will release its newest album, “crookhollow and variations,” on all streaming services March 25.

recorded in a first-take style over the course of two weeks, “crookhollow and variations” is an entirely improvised instrumental meditation on mystery and vastness. recording locations included a cellar in the smoky mountains and a condo bathroom on harbor island, south carolina.

artist’s note: “shortly before the ‘crookhollow’ sessions, my unborn son was diagnosed with an extremely rare genetic disorder called van maldergem syndrome. the exasperation, confusion, anger, sadness and wonder i felt in the weeks after that diagnosis informed the shape and style of ‘crookhollow.’ so, too, did the soft mountains and strange shadows of the great smoky mountains.”

“crookhollow and variations” is poor horse’s first album since last year’s “a country of the mind.” poor horse also has several other projects in the works, all of which will be announced later this year.


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